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TechCon2019 Conference Sessions

Force for the Future, eXtending Your Reach

TechCon 2019, October 28 - 30, Las Vegas, NV.


Session Categories:

Database Management System (DBMS)
Development Tools
System Administration
Application Building Blocks/Utilities


BBjingo Conference Game

The BBjingo conference game, a mobile web app built on BASIS technology, was a great hit two years ago and it met its goal of facilitating interaction and networking between attendees. We have a new game for 2019. We’ll show you how to play it and tell you about the prizes you can win. We'll also give you a quick peek under the hood to show you a few of the noteworthy technology components from BASIS that powers the game.

Strategic Marketing and Planning

Aside from your development expertise, you probably need to re-energize your business strategies. Are you expending your efforts in the most effective manner, or are you running in place and fighting fires? Does your pricing model act as a customer self-selection tool and generate customer behavior in line with your objectives, or is that revenue curve going to continue to be inordinately hard to shift in a positive direction? Your development efforts using BASIS' utilities like the digital dashboard and the change auditing are extending the life and relevancy of your application, but how do you get the word out to your client base? In what ways can BASIS assist in getting a project moving or across the finish line, both from a technical and marketing support perspective?

The New Java Minefield

Oracle's announcement of the end of free Oracle Java has caused concern and confusion in the application development community. What are your choices as a provider or user of BASIS-based technology? This session will provide you with most all the answers to the questions you’ve asked and endeavor to answer any new ones you raise in the session. Come prepared!


JavaScript Events in the BBjHTMLView Control

This session covers BBj's recent integration of the Chromium engine in its HtmlView and HtmlEdit controls and demonstrates several examples of integrating native JavaScript libraries into BBj programs via the HtmlView control.  Various capabilities are explored, such as the BBjGridExWidget plug-in, integrating with secure payment centers for credit card payments, adding Google's reCAPTCHA v2 capabilities, and a masonry library that allows you to build all kinds of layouts that can be responsive, sortable, filterable, draggable and/or animated (think Pinterest).  Additionally, there are a couple of developer-centric demos such as a custom code viewer with syntax highlighting for over 150 computer languages and a user-interactive visual diff tool for images.  The session covers everything from setting HTML and CSS content for both GUI and BUI programs to script injection and execution as well as dispatching JavaScript events to send information from the HtmlView's Document Object Model and JavaScript environment back to the BBj program.

BBx 19

The release of BBx version 19, incorporating PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5, is the most feature-rich revamp of “BBx” in nearly two decades. Without any data or application code changes, your applications have access to data replication, triggers and asynchronous triggers, task scheduling, change auditing, the digital dashboard, the email utility, web services and more. In fact, there is so much functionality included in this release that we have two sessions dedicated to exposing all the goodies inside. Best of all, we made it available in a single download and the configuration is simpler with the new installer.

Database Management System (DBMS)

Updating Your File Types with Minimal Effort

It is easy to migrate to newer file types like VKEYED and XKEYED files as part of an upgrade path. Expansive KEY formats greatly extend your query options and literally bring your historical and live data to life. ESQL offers SQL-only access and additional capabilities such as commit/rollback. Online copy jobs have been available for years but you might not be aware of their usefulness. This session will demonstrate use cases for transforming your data in real-time using after-read and before-write triggers and the database update wizard.

Development Tools

What's New in the BDT?

Eclipse BDT (Business BASIC Development Tools) provides plug-in tools for Eclipse that support developing BBj software applications. This session explores the latest plug-ins, BASIS community forums, the latest WindowBuilder features, and numerous tips and tricks for your application development that will deliver greater productivity gains.

System Administration

Zero Deployment?

Is Zero deployment here? Change brings opportunity, a saying that is validated by Oracle’s abrupt withdrawal of Web Start from Java. BASIS has stepped into the breach, and in this session, we’ll cover a simpler, faster and easier methodology for delivering your BASIS applications to the desktop or the browser. We’ll also review the dynamic jar downloading technology of the new classloader debuting in BBj 19.10 that made it all possible. We’ll cover great new functionality of the updated installer that can download requested packages ‘on the fly’.

Enterprise Manager Enhancements

Metrics, Disaster Recovery, License usage, new Filters and more. We use the open-source Prometheus monitoring and alerting package to collect and export various system metrics to Grafana. Grafana is an open-source visualization tool that generates beautiful, browser-based, interactive, and highly-customizable visualizations of system metrics. We’ll also demonstrate the key benefits of BASIS’ data replication functionality to offload ad-hoc or batch reporting tasks from a production server, and facilitate near-real-time copies of production data for disaster recovery from events such as ransomware attacks.

Java's Garbage Collection

BASIS Support is frequently asked about Java's garbage collection and the new algorithm in Java 11. In this session, we’ll explain some of the mysteries of Java’s memory management and explore the tools we use to determine how to optimize memory usage in your application.

Application Building Blocks/Utilities

New in AddonSoftware and Barista

Both Barista and AddonSoftware continue to leverage the BASIS technology stack and offer several exciting new features. You should consider these Addon enhancements for your application development - integrated credit card payment processing in Accounts Receivable, ACH payments in Accounts Payable, and carrier data exchange for shipment tracking in Sales Order Processing. Also, see the new Barista-based Document Management subsystem in action, as well as advancements in the underlying Barista Framework that enhance the user, administrative and developer experience.

BASIS Components Library and BBj Plug-Ins

BBj Plug-ins and the Components Library are designed for BBj developers who want to add feature-rich components and controls to their BBj project. In contrast to the Utilities and Building Blocks that are shipped with BBj, Plug-ins are most often Open Source and are maintained independently from the BBj release cycle.They are "The Caffeine for your BBj Development!"


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