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TechCon2019 BASIS Conference

Force for the Future, eXtending Your Reach

October 28-30, Las Vegas, NV

BASIS' technical conference, TechCon2019, was held at the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas and the AddonSoftware Conference and the hands-on BASIS training were held on Thur and Fri (Oct 31-Nov 1).

TechCon 2019 Presentations - "Force for the Future, eXtending Your Reach

"At Realtime, we constantly use the latest features and products offered by BASIS to enhance our new, redeveloped, & legacy applications. At TechCon 2017, interacting with the helpful & friendly “brains” behind these products during presentations, workshops, & discussions was invaluable & enjoyable. Sharing experiences with other users from around the world was a bonus. I returned with knowledge, tech tools and tips’n’tricks that have benefited our entire team & fast tracked our design & development plans. It was, undoubtedly, well worth the long trek from Australia!

-Esther Coutinho, Realtime Computing 

"Information breeds knowledge and knowledge gives power." 

-End user IT Executive on why a representative of his team will be attending

Conference Sessions

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  • BBx 19
  • Zero Deployment?
  • The New Java Minefield
  • Javascript Events in BBjHtmlView Control
  • What's New in the BDT?
  • New in AddonSoftware and Barista
  • Strategic Marketing and Planning
  • BASIS Components Library and BBj Plug-ins
  • Java's Garbage Collection
  • Updating Your File Types with Minimal Effort
  • Enterprise Manager Enhancements

Post-Conference Training

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  • BASIS Product Development in BDT
  • Software Development - A Cat Herder's Point of View
  • Barista Application Framework: Basics and Advanced
  • SQL from the Ground Up - BBj and other DBMS
  • Jasper Reports: Basics and Advanced
  • Digital Dashboard
  • Backup and Recovery
  • AddonSoftware ERP



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