The Total Economic Impact™ of In-Housing with Basis

Marketers are looking for more control and transparency into how and where they advertise to their target markets. As a result, many brands have begun to shift digital media responsibilities from traditional agencies to in-house teams.

In-housing is a major decision. That’s why Basis Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to do a study on the impact Basis has on customers who in-house with us. Among other things, it found that:

  • Basis provides a 48% ROI.
  • Basis' powerful workflow automation reduced FTE time for manual processes by 43%
  • The net benefits of using Basis over a three-year period? $5.4 million.

Want to learn more about all the ways Basis can help your business? Download your copy of the study today.

Total Economic Impact of In-Housing with Basis report cover

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