Finding the right digital advertising platform can be a challenge, due to the sheer volume of available options. Before making your decision, it's important to consider the attributes most important to you and your team. Here are the top features to consider:

Collaboration Tools

Your advertising platform should be able to track communications both internally (colleagues, clients) and externally (publishers, vendors). Imagine the time you'll save not having to keep track of email after email, multiple excel files, and a rolodex of contacts!

Unified Reporting

Pulling your reports shouldn’t involve logging into 4+ different platforms before you can analyze the data. Select a platform that allows you to efficiently assess and optimize performance across the different tactics your campaign uses such as programmatic, search, social, and direct buys.

Billing Facilitation

Billing and finance is the engine that ensures your agency operates smoothly. It keeps the money flowing in and makes sure your vendors are paid properly. The ability to produce accurate, real-time reporting to feed automatically into your financial system of record is an absolute must for an advertising platform.

Tech Partner Integrations

As the number of tech partners increases, the need to pull all these pieces together in a simplified fashion is becoming even more crucial. Integrations with major tech partners including: Ad servers (GCM and Sizmek/Amazon), search providers (Google, Microsoft), and social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) is key to streamline your company’s workflow.

Programmatic Advertising Demand Side Platform

The best digital ad platform would be incomplete without Demand Side Platform (DSP) capabilities. A robust DSP should access key data providers, private marketplace (PMP) inventory, an immense scale of impressions, and tools for optimization (bid factoring, machine learning, bulk editing, etc.).

Find your perfect match with Basis by Centro. Basis increases productivity by uniting your media channels—direct, programmatic, search, and social—in one single interface. With robust business intelligence, workflow automation, key integrations, and the G2-rated #1 DSP, it’s a platform you can run your entire digital business on top of.

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