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2016 - Pearls of Wisdom

The BASIS International Advantage




Getting Started with BBJSP - What is BBJSP and How to Use It
By Richard Stollar
Have you ever wanted to leverage your BBx® knowledge to implement the Model-view-controller architecture to generate web pages? Now you can! 

Contexts and BBJSP - Using Contexts to Build a Better Web App
By Richard Stollar
You can use contexts to isolate parts of your browser-based component. This also gives you control over who can access the different parts. BBjServices is capable of serving up content for many domains or subdomains and one way to manage this is to configure a context for each domain or subdomain. Each context can deploy applications and fixed content like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, as well as your BBJSP components.

BBJSP Command Framework - A Look at the Role of Commands in BBJSP
By Richard Stollar
The BBJSP framework includes a page generator and an engine for processing business logic. Because the presentation layer should not handle the data, logic, and rules, BBJSP provides a Command Engine specifically for that purpose. Commands are small BBj® programs which perform some task like updating a database before redirecting to a BBJSP page or, in more advanced situations, to another command for further logic processing.

PRO/5 Automatically Gets 15 years of DBMS Enhancements

Did you ever wish that PRO/5® could have the benefits of all the great new database features that come with the BASIS DBMS, like stored procedures, data replication, data change auditing, triggers, asynchronous triggers, the Google-like Lucene search engine, and more? Well, now PRO/5 can, and all without needing to change a line of code, and most likely without loss of performance.

Lightning Fast Google-like Searches of Your BBx Data without Adding Keys
Have you ever wanted to have Google-like fast searches of your BBx data from your PRO/5® and BBj® applications? BBx's new FULLTEXT indices, courtesy of the open source Apache Lucene project, is the solution.

So Many Tasks, So Little Time

U.S. labor productivity is tracked by the Department of Labor as an industry's total output divided by the hours worked by its employees. As output rises relative to employee hours, productivity rises. At BASIS, the strategic direction has long been to provide you with tools to improve your development productivity. To that end, we have leveraged a simple but valuable Eclipse feature.

Developing PRO/5 Code in Eclipse

If you are a PRO/5® developer and would love to leverage all that the Eclipse IDE has to offer such as BASIS and third-party code management plug-ins, there is a new option for you. Try using Eclipse and the Business BASIC Development Toolkit (BDT) plug-in to edit your PRO/5 programs..

Maximizing the Power of the Digital Dashboard Widget
By Nick Decker
The Dashboard Utility, introduced in BBj 14.0, has been steadily growing more flexible and capable with each subsequent release thanks to your feedback of wishes. Developers, and now even users, can do so much more!



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