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TechCon2015 Training

Pearls of Wisdom - Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

Don't miss this chance to learn from the BASIS experts in these new courses designed just for TechCon2015. Be the first to learn these new features and valuable tools.

Training Schedule

Thursday, October 15

Friday, October 16
Track 1DBMS (8:30-12:00)
Digital Dashboard (1:00-4:30)
Track 1Digital Dashboard Repeat(8:30-12:00)
DBMS Repeat (1:00-4:30
Track 2IDE (8:30-4:30)  Track 2IDE Repeat (8:30-4:30)
Track 3 - GUI Development (8:30-4:30) Track 3 - GUI Development Repeat(8:30-4:30)


Partners $395/day 
(less reseller discount)
End Users
(10% discount for End Users with licenses current on SAM)
Preferred Partners No charge

Training sessions include lunch.

Course Descriptions

IDE (full day)

The Eclipse IDE is the preferred cross-platform development framework in the world today. This full day of training will cover the IDE and give you hands-on experience with all of the BASIS-developed plug-ins. During this course you will explore the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) including the Code Editor, code completion, keyword lookup, WindowBuilder, AppBuilder, Enterprise Manager, Performance Analyzer, Dialog Wizard, Unit Test, along with many other tips and tricks for achieving productivity gains using all the new BASIS development tools powered by the Eclipse framework. A variety of non-BASIS plug-ins will also be referenced as additional resources that developers may find useful.
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GUI Development (full day)

Graphical User Interfaces are here to stay. This is the course for you if you think you will ever need to develop any application that has more than a character user interface. Whether or not you have developed in GUI before, you will learn new ways to develop GUIs using the multitude of available BASIS Tools. This course shows how to develop with the Dialog Wizard, WindowBuilder, AppBuilder, and Barista so that you can grow your experience with GUI development tools and learn the value that each tool brings to your GUI programming needs. As an added value, all of the tools create GUI applications that can also display in a browser, which more and more companies are finding imperative. (back to top)

DBMS (half day)

Data is the core of every business. This course will show you how to take advantage of all of the latest new features that BASIS added to their DBMS. You will learn how to set up Replication, configure the scheduler, enhance and reshape a secondary database on the fly using asynchronous triggers, add full text search indexes on a database to make your customer’s data “Googleable”, as well as learn how to use the built-in Query By Example (QBE) tool to create a Lucene syntax query to quickly hone in on your exact data. Finally, you will learn how to cope with the fact that Java 8 no longer supports ODBC and learn the value of the new enhanced Data Dictionary. By the end of this course all of the students will learn new ways of delivering their company’s data faster and more efficiently to the people that need it most. (back to top)

Digital Dashboard (half day)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a live data chart must be worth a million! This is a great course for everyone because this tool will bring value to all customers, whether you are deploying in CUI, GUI, or BUI. You will learn how to generate a fully functional dashboard, a set of widgets, or even a single independent widget - any of which may be run standalone or embedded in your existing application windows. The course also shows how to use the Widget Wizard to get dashboards and widgets up and running quickly, as well as how easy it is to customize the generated code to do whatever you desire! After generating your own dashboards and widgets, you will learn how to add or embed them in an existing application, CUI or GUI, and even view them as a webpage for both desktop and mobile consumption. (back to top)


TC15 Session Descriptions

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