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KB#00107-ERROR 0, TCB(10)=-33


ERROR 0, TCB(10)=-33


Opening more than 16 files, receive an ERROR 0, TCB(10)=-33 


SHARE parameters need to be increased: 

SHARE /F:4096 /L:250 

In your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, use the following syntax: 

[[drive:]path]SHARE.EXE [/F:space] [/L:locks] 


Specifies the location of the SHARE.EXE file. 


Allocates file space (in bytes) for the MS-DOS storage area used to 
record file-sharing information. The default value is 2048. 

Sets the number of files that can be locked at one time. The default 
value is 20. 

NOTE--This only applies to DOS and Windows 3.1 It does not apply to Windows 95, Windows NT, or Windows for Workgroups. 

Last Modified: 12/30/2003 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: MS Dos ,Windows 3.1Error Number: OS Error: 33

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