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Report Writing + iReport and BBJasper
Introduction to the BBj Language
Web Services 
Administration and Deployment 
The BASIS IDE Overview and Update
BASIS DBMS + SQL, SPROCs, Triggers, Replication
RAD Development + AppBuilder and FormBuilder in the IDE 
Object-oriented Programming With BASIS Custom Objects
Barista Application Framework


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Report Writing With iReport and BBJasper

Cost $395 

In this one-day course, learn the basics of using a cross-platform Java-powered open-source WYSIWYG report writer to create beautiful reports. This course includes a primer on writing SPROCs to improve performance on non-normalized databases and controlling access to sensitive data if you do not want to expose your entire data dictionary to ad hoc report writers. In addition to learning how to use the iReport Designer, you will learn how to seamlessly integrate your reports into your BBj applications, giving your application greater sophistication and functionality with little effort.



Introduction to the BBj Language

Cost $395 

This course starts at a high level, covering core components and concepts for the language. Topics include the different interpreter types, writing graphical programs, available security options, process communication, classpaths, and the browser user interface (BUI). From there, the course delves deeper into the language and investigates variable and data types, program flow, and error handling. It then details working with data from the file system and interfacing with a databases, and ends with an introduction to Object Oriented Programming.

Web Services Cost $395

At the core of this one-day course, BASIS demonstrates the new Web-specific features of Enterprise Manager including automatic jar signing and simplified JNLP configuration for running your applications via Web start. Learn how to create a bridge to your code using the integrated Web services tool. Finally, BASIS demonstrates how to create a Web client using the Java 1.6 tools and the single-session classpath (SSCP).

Administration and Deployment Cost $395
Application development requires planning and execution to be successful. Businesses today must deal with an increasingly complex environment. This course covers topics that help developers be more efficient and successful in the deployment of their applications. Some of the topics covered include:
  • Memory tuning
  • Database backup strategies
  • Redundancy and clustering
  • Enterprise configuration
  • Three-tier architecture
  • Security considerations
  • Performance considerations
  • File permission management (including Windows)
  • SSL communication between the thin client, application server, and database server
  • Deploy applications using Web Start and dynamic .jnlp creation
  • Real-time backups
  • LDAP Authentication

The BASIS IDE Overview and Update Cost $395

This one-day course is a must for anyone administrating or developing applications in BBj! The all-new Eclipse IDE has a plug-in for the Enterprise Manager that will help you administrate your BBj installation including replication, triggers, stored procedures, data dictionaries, and much more. See how the new Editor and Debugger will enhance your development with code-completion, syntax highlighting, breakpoints, variable monitoring, task management, and many other features that you would expect in your language IDE.

The BASIS DBMS With SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers,  Replication Cost $395

In this one-day course, BASIS describes the power and value of using the BASIS RDBMS. Database enhancements give database administrators the ability to create databases, tables, triggers, and stored procedures programmatically. ESQL also provides foreign keys and for the first time, new commit and rollback functionalities. The richness of the RDBMS feature and function eliminates the need for the enterprise to export their legacy data into a MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle databases for data mining or warehousing purposes. Explore the expanded functionality found in managing object level permissions at the table, view, and stored procedure level. See how to pull blazingly fast ODBC or JDBC queries on your corporate data by employing triggers and the relational ESQL table type - within existing PRO/5® and BBj® applications - all without changing a line of code. Finally, learn how to use powerful file and database replication to make live backups of your data and build a synchronized data warehouse for offloading query and reporting operations.

RAD Development With AppBuilder and FormBuilder in the IDE Cost $395
BASIS incorporates AppBuilder, a GUI application development tool, into the BASIS IDE. This section guides the students through the process of using the FormBuilder and AppBuilder to rapidly create a GUI application with minimal coding effort. Students utilize such exciting new features as DataBound controls to integrate a GUI front end with a back-end Database, the FormGen wizard to automate the process of creating data-based GUI forms, and Default Code Profiles to customize and automate the process of writing event code.

Object-oriented Programming With BASIS Custom Objects Cost $395
BASIS introduced object-oriented programming to the BASIC development community through BBjAPI graphical interface objects in BBj at the turn of the century. BASIC developers can develop their entire program using object-oriented syntax. This segment of the course provides programmers, whether trained in BBx, Java or C++, the skills to be more productive immediately in the Business BASIC world, marrying the legacy world with the new. Students will learn the merits of object-oriented programming and use BBjAPI objects, event objects, and custom objects during hands-on exercises.

Barista Application Framework Cost $1185

In this three-day course, discover how to use the Barista® Application Framework to build an application quickly by simply defining the data and its interrelationships. Barista provides a standard framework that handles the ubiquitous navigation, display, search, and file maintenance requirements of the typical data-driven GUI application, easily tripling your productivity for many of your development and maintenance projects.


Sales and Marketing Workshop Cost $395
This one-day course elaborates on constructing a marketing plan for a software business and focuses on positioning your business to survive the hard economic times while maximizing the strengths for economic upturns. This concentrated one-day workshop, designed for the VAR executive, also offers valuable sales tips and techniques.

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